Heap Seng Leong Coffee Shop

A few weeks ago, my friends brought me to a very old school coffee shop – Heap Seng Leong. The moment I step into the coffee shop, it felt as if I have time-traveled to the 70s. The owner of the coffee shop is an old man who is always in his loose tank top and pyjamas pants. You can simply feel a strong sense of human touch and Singapore culture at Heap Seng Leong.

I heard that their traditional Kopi Gu You (Coffee with butter) is a must try. So I decided to order it!

Morning breakfast_kopiguyouYup, the yellow thin layer on top is actually butter, you are suppose to stir it and mix well with the coffee. I’m quite surprised with the taste! Really strong kopi taste with a tinge of saltiness, definitely worth the try!

And below are my favourites – Kaya butter toast and half boiled egg! Yums!

Morning breakfast_toastedbread

Morning breakfast_halfboileggI still remember when I was young, my parents used to pour the hot cup of milo into the saucer and gently blow on the surface to cool it down. Ahh those were the times, feel so nostalgic!

Morning breakfast_milosaucerReally miss sipping milo from the saucer and having kaya butter toast and half boiled eggs for breakfast! Do you have the same experience too? 🙂


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