Rubber Band

This conversation happened quite some time ago.

A friend took out a rubber band and asked: “Tell me, what is this to you?”

One replied: “A red circle?” The other said: “Something that is elastic.” And I answered: “It can be use to tie something.”

My friend then pass the rubber band to me and said: “Can you make a star with this rubber band?” Immediately, I made a star out of it.

Rubber Band_star

That was when we got excited and talk about how we used rubber band to create different symbols and letters and even use it to play games.

Do you remember using rubber band to create a hand gun?

Rubber Band_gun

and even something that can shoot “Paper bullets”!

Rubber Band_bullet

It’s pretty amazing how this conversation about a rubber band can bring back our childhood memories. It just felt like for that moment, we were back to our younger self.

So, what else can you do with a rubber band? 😉


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