Sun, Moon and stars

sun, moon and stars_small

This story is about the sun, the moon and the three little stars. The Sun is the brightest of all, it gives out the strongest light.

The three little Stars depend on one another to produce as much light as possible. The Moon is the only one that does not give out its own light. The moon has to stay by the sun so that people will notice him, but he doesn’t want to rely too much on the sun.

Moon: “I’m so useless, I’m good at nothing!”

Sun: “Please don’t say that, I will always be there for you!”

Moon: “I know you have always been trying to help me out, but I want to prove that I can still be something without relying too much on you.” “I want to explore and travel around on my own, I want to be more independent.” “But… But I just don’t know how to start… How do I make people notice my existence?

The Moon felt really hopeless. The Sun understood how the moon felt.

The next day, Sun approached the Moon.

Sun: “This is for you.” Sun passes a lamp to the Moon.

Sun: “Bring this along with you and head towards what you want to do.”

The Moon looked into the lamp and was surprised.

Moon: “Stars?”

Sun: “Yes. Go on a journey with them, they will be of great help to you, and you will also be of great help to them.” “You will need one another to reach for the dream, you are not alone.” “The journey will not be easy, it may not be smooth, all you need to do is to believe in yourself and we will give you our support.”

Sun’s words touched the Moon deeply. He then made a promise to the sun and said: “See you, in our paradise.”


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