Recently, I received some capsule toys as my birthday gift. I was wondering what is that machine that spin out those capsules called. (you know those machine which u have to insert some coins and turn a wheel or something until a capsule drop out of the machine from a hole.) I asked my friend and she told me that she call it a ‘spin spin machine’. Doesn’t sounds right to me though hahaha. Eventually, I get to know the correct term for it, it’s called ‘Gashapon’. If you wiki about Gashapon, you will find the meaning of the word cute and interesting.

gashapon_2_smallThat day, when I was trying to open those capsules, I have these random thoughts in mind. I started asking myself what if I live in those capsule? If one day I manage to get out of the capsule, what will I do? All these questions makes me want to create a story about Gashapon. I have a rough story in mind now and may want to make it into a comic strip! Stay tuned! 🙂



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